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Elixir Is the Future of Programming

We are a full-service, end-to-end professional Elixir web development company. Elixir is an excellent choice for any situation where performance, productivity, and scalability are top priorities, especially web applications and IoT development projects. We specialize in developing and deploying complex, distributed Elixir applications. We also provide Elixir consulting for teams looking for strategic guidance. As Elixir experts, we’ve developed Elixir digital applications and custom Elixir software for some of the best companies in the world. We’re headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, and have a team of Elixir developers in Chicago and Latin America.

How We Can Help

Elixir Development

Create complex, distributed applications.

  • Process transactions at a medium to large scale
  • Handle messaging in real-time

Cloud Deployment

Deploy Elixir applications in the cloud.

  • Achieve more with cloud hosting infrastructures
  • Highly customizable

Elixir DevOps

Efficient development and publishing of applications.

  • Never compromise speed or maintainability
  • Publish applications with confidence

Elixir Consulting

Strategic guidance to optimize Elixir development.

  • Define your strategy
  • Utilize proven agile methodologies
  • Deploy an iterative approach


A Glimpse Into Our Elixir Talent

Bruno Santos

Senior Elixir Developer

Bruno is an insatiably curious developer who has spent the last year deploying Elixir projects using a variety of methods. He is our go-to eCommerce expert with deep experience integrating applications with Shopify & Salesforce. He's funny, kind-hearted, and one of the hardest workers we know.

Fernando Schuindt

Elixir Developer

Fernando built his first computer at 6 years old and has been coding since he was 12. Over the course of his career, he’s built chat systems, fintech applications, and payment systems in Elixir. He's great at solving complex problems, writes many technical papers, and always has a pulse of what's happening in tech.

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Why Elixir?

Our team loves Elixir so much, they wrote an entire article on why Elixir is the best for your business. Learn how it can improve the speed and quality of your web application development.


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